Election Day in the Cedar Valley is over and done with, but a key elected position has yet to be decided.
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At the end of November, several important runoff elections will take place all across northeastern Iowa. Election night saw no concrete candidate for Cedar Falls mayor.
Waterloo ended up re-electing incumbent Mayor Quentin Hart for his second term. Hart was the first black mayor in the city’s history.
Hart ended up earning 58% of the vote, beating the two other candidates in the race; city council member Margaret Klein got approximately 40% of the vote and Sophia Mays got a little over one percent, according to KCRG.
The Cedar Falls election was not quite so clear.
The three candidates for this race were Rob Green (incumbent), Dave Sires, and Tom Blanford. Only two of them will be moving on to the runoff election.

Tom Blanford

Courtesy of Tom Blanford for Cedar Falls Mayor via Facebook
Courtesy of Tom Blanford for Cedar Falls Mayor via Facebook

Blanford is the Vice President of Administration for Collins Holding Company in Cedar Falls. The former candidate was appointed Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Cedar Falls in 2018 and reappointed in 2019.

2021 did not prove to be his year. The Cedar Falls resident came in third in this close election, and will not be eligible to continue on to the runoff election.

Rob Green (Incumbent)

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The incumbent Rob Green will be moving on to the runoff election at the end of the month.     Mayor Green is also a web developer at the University of Northern Iowa, entrepreneur, and former military officer.

In a statement on his social media channel, Green expressed gratitude for the people who have been along for the ride during this election.

"I wish to thank my supporters, and especially my family, who has put up with my absences on many evenings and weekends to serve and campaign in our great city."

~Mayor Green

The mayor ended up getting 36% of the votes at the polls this year. While he came in second place, he still is continuing on to the next election.

Dave Sires

Dave Sires via Facebook
Dave Sires via Facebook

Sires is a Cedar Falls City Councilman Dave Sires will also be on the ballot for this runoff election. Sires owns several local businesses in the Cedar Valley.

The councilman earned the majority, 40%, of the votes in this close election. Since none of the candidates came out with at least a 50% lead, both Sires and Green must have a runoff election.

The councilman earned the most votes in Tuesday's election with 3,470 votes narrowly beating Mayor Green who followed behind with 2,717, according to the Courier.

Green and Sires will next faceoff in a runoff election to decide the winner. This special election will take place on November 30th.

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