I was scrolling through Instagram videos and letting my brain rot the other day when I came across one of the coolest Caitlin Clark paintings I've ever seen.

Who is Cody Sabol?

The artist's name is Cody Sabol and he begins the portrait by literally throwing paint at a blank black canvas. It looks like that's how he begins all of his portraits. I'll be the first to admit that I find stick figures hard to create so I find this almost impossible.

Cody is known as a "speed painter" and has gained a massive social media following by showcasing his speed painting expertise. He boasts an incredible 190K followers on Instagram, 18.1K on TikTok, and 7.3K on Facebook.

Whether it's superheroes, our favorite singers, athletes, comedians, comic book characters, or TV characters, Cody's skills apparently know no bounds. This guy can do it all and he doesn't use a paint brush.

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My artistic skills are extremely limited but the fact that he can create so much detail with only using the tips of his fingers, and not a paintbrush, is fascinating to me. This might be one of the greatest Caitlin Clark collections I've ever seen.

Caitlin Clark Banners and Murals

Here in Iowa, we've got to see a massive Caitlin Clark banner in Iowa City.

Gatorade released, what I believe, is the biggest Caitlin Clark banner ever.

A local artist in Indianapolis also welcomed Caitlin to the city with this incredible mural on the north side of the city.

All of these are incredible for different reasons and they all represent something different. One represents her connection to the state of Iowa and the University. Another represents her incredible popularity in the sport of basketball, and the last represents her new home and the excitement of the fans.

Coolest Caitlin Clark Painting Ever?

According to Cody Sabol, this masterpiece represents the "greatest college basketball player of all time." This is incredibly satisfying to watch. Not only does this portrait look amazing and have incredible detail, but he also completes this thing in 11 minutes!

In the video post, Cody asks if Caitlin Clark is the college basketball GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and I think if you asked Iowans, the answer would be a resounding...Yes! I wonder if Caitlin will ever see this portrait or if she'd ever consider buying it from Cody. That'd be pretty sweet to have hanging in her house somewhere!

As you know, Caitlin Clark was the first pick in the WNBA draft and she now plays for the Indiana Fever. Their next matchup will be on Friday, June 7, against the Washington Mystics, at 6:30 pm.

Our Favorite Caitlin Clark Photos

Iowa's nunber two scorer of all-time, after just three seasons, Caitlin Clark continues to build on her already legendary career.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

Check Out the First Photos of Caitlin Clark Practicing in NY's Capital Region

Friday morning, Capital Region basketball fans got their first look at Caitlin Clark, the NCAA's all-time leading scorer, on the floor at MVP Arena in Albany.

Gallery Credit: Dan Bahl

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