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It appears that the third season of “Bridgerton” has finally found itself into our Netflix queue.

The first half of season three dropped on Netflix on Thursday, May 17th. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting the second half of this eight-episode season until June 13th.

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This absolutely gorgeous Regency Era program seems to be the talk of the ton.

Of course, viewers are drawn to this show first and foremost for the romance, but the magnificent costumes as well as music oftentimes takes center stage.

Each season of this Shondalnd production features several covers of popular songs from our day and age, with a whimsical twist.

Reimagined, instrumental versions of some of our favorite songs have been arranged specifically for this show.

In season two of Bridgerton, there was this gorgeous classical sounding version of Alanis Morisette’s smash hit song ‘You Oughta Know.’

Some of the most notable songs include ‘thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande, ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift, and ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Miley Cyrus.

With season three comes a whole new list of instrumental songs.

This promenade around the ton includes covers of BTS’s ‘Dynamite,’ Sis’s ‘Cheap Thrills, and even ‘Happier Than Ever’ by Billie Eilish.

All of the previously mentioned covers and quite a few more were arranged and performed by a group called Vitamin String Quartet.

They are set to hit the road this fall on a U.S. tour.

Of course, the group will be making not one but two stops right here in the Hawkeye State. This crossover group that has blown up in popularity thanks to their contributions to the Bridgerton soundtrack, is slated to perform in Iowa City and Des Moines.

Here are the two dates:

  • October 30th, 2024, at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City
    • Purchase tickets here
  • November 1st, 2024, at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines
    • Purchase tickets here

Vitamin String Orchestra is expected to perform covers of Taylor Swift songs, some of their Bridgerton tunes, and much more!

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