In a bean field, east of New Hampton, just a few hundred yards south of Highway 24, I noticed a pair of Sasquatches – not moving – apparently startled by my vehicle. I pulled over to quickly and quietly snap a few photos of these majestic creatures.

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As I hurriedly took photo after photo, my oldest of my three children yelled from the car, “Uh, dad, I don’t think they’re real.” I quickly replied, “Shhh. Keep your voices down. They might hear you.” My children did not seem to realize how this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After a few more photos, I scampered back to my vehicle and sped off. I wasn’t going to wait around in case they were rabid or perhaps it was a mother protecting her toddler-squatch. I’m assuming that the extremely dry weather led them out of their homes in search of water.

It also appeared that the larger of the two creatures was carrying an American Flag.

James Patrick - Townsquare Media

James Patrick - Townsquare Media

After our return trip to the area a few hours later, I was astonished that the Sasquatches were still in the same location. It was as if they hadn’t moved at all. Perhaps they were participating in a game of ‘Sasquatch Freeze Tag.’ Which would mean that there are MORE of these creatures in Chickasaw County.

This is not the first time that I have seen these two. Before the fields were planted in the spring, I spotted them in the same location and I was stunned to see them again – in the SAME SPOT as before. They seem to enjoy this area of the open field, even though they were in view of everyone traveling on the highway.

Last summer other non-domestic animals have been caught on film in Eastern Iowa. A giraffe was found grazing in the cornfields near Readlyn. The African mammal was present until corn harvesting season, then it magically disappeared. There were also reports of a dinosaur lumbering in the fields outside of Waterloo, near Dewar.

James Patrick - Townsquare Media

If you see these two, take precautions. Not much is known about the wild sasquatches of Iowa.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization ( there have been 76 sightings of Bigfoot in the state of Iowa AND the most recent sighting (before mine) was in 2017 also in Chickasaw County near Protivin. The individuals who made the posting said:

My wife and I walk about 3 times a week and on a morning in June we were about 1/4 mile from our house and we heard 2 loud knocks. We abruptly stopped and looked at each other and said What was that? I was raised in the area and spent many hours in the woods hunting and have never heard anything like this before.

The post mentioned that the ‘knocking sounds’ were heard in 320 acres of thick woods in the Cardinal Marsh State Wildlife Area.

Hey – at least my photos weren’t blurry. :)

James Patrick - Townsquare Media
James Patrick - Townsquare Media


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