This past Sunday, around 50 thousand people ran in the New York Marathon and Iowa native, Ashton Kutcher, was one of them. Being able to run 26.2 miles is no easy feat and it's not something everyone will accomplish in their lives. Training for a marathon is hard work and it takes a lot of dedication. Being able to complete a marathon is pretty incredible if you ask me.


He not only completed running in the New York Marathon, but he did it at an incredible pace. I'd consider anything under 4 hours to be dang impressive and Ashton did just that. He finished his race in 3:54 minutes, according to the NY Times. If my Iowa math is correct, that's just under a 9-minute mile pace for Ashton.

According to Daily Mail, Kutcher lost 12 pounds while training for the race and he may have started his training a little bit too early. He also remembers getting injured halfway through his training. This was also Ashton's first time competing in a marathon.

It’s brutal on the body. Like, I got injured halfway through and now I feel like I recovered from the injury, but I’ve had a lot of help.

What's more impressive is the amount of money Ashton was able to raise for his nonprofit, Thorn. Last week, Ashton appeared on the Today Show, where he spoke about the non-profit he co-founded. Thorn was created to "eliminate child sexual abuse from the internet." According to Daily Mail, more than $1 million in donations were received from his friends and fans.

Here's just another shining example of one of Iowa's favorite celebrities making his home state proud. The New York City Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world and it incorporates all 5 of New York's boroughs. It'll be interesting to see if Ashton decides to race again next year. If he does, I know Iowans will be rooting him on.

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