Are you sharing too much about your kid online?

About half of women and a third of men are guilty of "sharenting". Sharing too much of your kids online. Stories, photos, and in most cases, over-sharing with stories and photos. Even a study from the University of Michigan polled social media users to determine if parents are sharing too much online.

The study also found that there's a slight upside to sharenting. Parents who are active in social media are able to both give and receive parenting advice. The most common advice given on social media is:

  • Getting kids to sleep: 28%
  • Nutrition and eating tips: 26%
  • Discipline: 19%
  • Daycare/preschool: 17%
  • Behavior problems: 13%

In the same vein as sharing too much on social media, another annoying thing is when parents send out Christmas cards and there are only pictures of their kids on the card. It's like, I don't know your kids... I know you. I want to see the pictures of my friends and not just their kids.

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