If you are a Starbucks addict but think you could quit for just ONE month, you may be able to get $1,000!

Let's be honest when you think of coffee the first place you think to go is definitely Starbucks... then when someone mentions a local coffee place, your are kind of dumbfounded that there are other coffee shops around that may be, dare I say, cheaper? Well, explore those options with this new opportunity!

Business.org is looking for a "Starbucks addict" who would be willing to STOP going to there for a MONTH. Now before you lose your mind, here is the rest of the plan. They want you to go to only local, independent coffee shops instead and document it all on social media. If you do this, you will be paid $1,000.

So, could you give up Starbucks now for a money incentive? If so, you are braver than me to try.

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