In 2015, this man finished in second place on the popular show America's Got Talent. Ever since appearing on America's Got Talent, this comedian has gone on to make people laugh all over the world and he's bringing his Short King 2023 tour to eastern Iowa. What you might not know about this comedian is a freak accident has left him with a stutter.


Comedian Drew Lynch will be performing in Cedar Rapids on September 29th at the Paramount Theatre. Those who have heard of Drew Lynch, know about a stutter he's developed because of a freak accident that happened during a softball game. He was 1 year into his acting career when his life completely changed.

Drew spoke about his injury with the Spokesman and he said

I was playing softball and a hard hit ball took a bad hop and struck me in the throat. I fell and smacked my head on the ground. That led to my career as a stand-up.

When Drew was diagnosed with a neurogenic stutter, he struggled to keep up with his acting auditions and appointments, which led to his agent dropping him. He said

I got the cold shoulder and I realized that I wanted control while I rehabbed and that’s when I discovered stand-up.

Drew never had the intention of becoming a standup comedian at all. He originally wanted to become an actor and because of this freak accident, Drew has turned a negative into a positive. He speaks openly about his stutter and his self-deprecating jokes have become part of his routine.

Drew is very active on social media as clips from his standup have gained him over 1 million followers on Instagram. If you're interested in enjoying an evening full of laughs at the Paramount Theatre with Drew, you can purchase tickets to his upcoming show at DrewLynch.

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