In 2024, when you hear the word "Amazon" you probably aren't thinking of the Amazon Rainforest, right?

You are picturing piles and piles of brown boxes being delivered to your front door with the Amazon logo on the side.

If you are in a bind and need something quick or just can't seem to find it in a store by you, then you can probably find it on Amazon.

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Amazon By the Numbers

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People spend A WHOLE LOT of money on Amazon...

According to Capital One Shopping, shoppers actually spent $574.8 billion on Amazon in 2023. That's about $1.094 million spent per minute!

Three hundred million people bought at least one item off of Amazon annually.

It is estimated that 161.7 million people in America have Amazon Prime memberships.

There are approximately 12 million items in the Amazon inventory.

Items You Cannot Return


With all of the items that Iowans buy from Amazon, there's bound to be a few duds. So, when you are returning stuff to Amazon, make sure to keep a few things in mind.

There are some items that you cannot return to Amazon; this includes digital items and cards. Also, devices are non-returnable after thirty days, according to Amazon.

Check out the full list of items that you cannot return to Amazon here in the Hawkeye State. Maybe this will help you think twice about making a random purchase.

15 Things You Absolutely Cannot Return When Buying on Amazon

While it's easy buying stuff from Amazon from the comfort of home, getting items that can't be returned can cause some serious headaches. Here are 15 things you absolutely cannot return when they are bought through Amazon.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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