I'm not a hater. I have friends in practically every state in the country. But, sometimes science speaks facts that cannot be ignored. In this case, here are 5 ways that Iowa is vastly superior to Nebraska.

No doubt you have seen the slogan signs traveling through Nebraska where they claim theirs is "the good life". Let's see if our neighbors to the west are telling the truth compared to what we have here in Iowa.

I could probably list 50, but let's keep things simple. Here are 5 categories where Iowa ranks better than Nebraska. Let's begin:

1. Drivers

Do you feel a twinge of fear when you see a Nebraska license plate near you in traffic? You're not alone. A recent study published by Friend, Levinson and Turner ranked Nebraska way higher than Iowa when it comes to bad drivers. There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to the driving exploits of cornhuskers.

2. Music

Let's compare famous musicians from our respective states. Ranker listed the top 100 famous musicians from Iowa that included legends like C.W. McCall (the guy that did "Convoy"), the Everly Brothers, Andy Williams and current bands like Slipknot. What about famous musicians from Nebraska? Hmm. Let me think about this one. Surely there was someone with great musical abilities that was born in Nebraska....give me a second. Oh, wait. There isn't.

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3. Basketball

Iowa's basketball heritage is legendary. The Hawkeyes are almost always ranked somewhere in the top 10 of the NCAA college basketball rankings. What about Nebraska? Don't hurt your finger scrolling all the way down to 129 where they currently sit. Oh, and that's considered a good year of hoops in the Cornhusker State. Consider this a Luke Garza mic drop.

4. Number of people that choose to live here

One of the ultimate ways to judge a state would be how many people choose to live there. Let's do some math. Country Economy shows that Nebraska has about 25% more land area than Iowa yet more than a million more people have decided to live in Iowa than Nebraska. Specifically that's 3,155,070 in Iowa compared to 1,934,408 in Nebraska. Why is that? Iowa > Nebraska.

5. Movies

What movies do you think of when you think of a state? The ones that come to mind first tell you a lot about the quality of life there. When most people think of Iowa, Field of Dreams is one that many will name first. Some also mention The Bridges of Madison County starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep. What movies come to mind when you think of Nebraska? Even the Lincoln Journal Star lists Bad Grandpa and Children of the Corn.

It's nothing personal, Nebraska. You have your good points and yes, I have friends there. But, if you let science do the talking, you can only come to the conclusion that "the good life" is really here in Iowa.

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