Snowfall totals are coming in as we speak. This morning many of us woke up to a fresh blanket of, not a blanket. In some spots in Southern Iowa, people woke up to a bundle of blankets.

It's coming down in the southwestern part of Iowa with a little over a foot of snow. In our own backyard, Waterloo, we got about 6 inches.

Several regions in the Cedar Valley are under a travel advisory currently. This includes Black Hawk county.

The snow is supposed to stop around noon, according to meteorologists. This lead me to wonder how bad the winters in Iowa can get. So, I fell down a major weather rabbit hole trying to figure out Iowa's history with snowfall.

Today, with this snowfall the city of Des Moines actually broke a record set back in 1895. On January 25th, 10.3 inches of snow fell on the capital city, which is only the second time that the capital has gotten more than 10 inches on this specific date in over a hundred years.

However, this did not break the record for the most amount of snowfall within a 24 hour period. Des Moines has a crazy record with snowfall totals, but a few other places actually have a much higher record.

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