A Cedar Rapids teacher set out on a new journey to start up her very own small business this year. 3 Blue Pineapples, an online boutique is a passion project for one Iowa mother.

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If you're having a tough time getting out of bed this morning; just remember this one Iowa woman who is balancing a full-time job, a new small business, and a few kids on top of all of that!

The online boutique started up in September of 2021. 3 Blue Pineapples specializes in custom shirts and handmade accessories that are uniquely designed. Every single item, according to this quirky online shop's website, is created with the "highest quality of materials."

A unique store like this one deserved a unique name. The woman behind this operation came up with a name that celebrates the most important thing in her life; her family.

Ashlee Corver, a Cedar Rapids teacher, and mother took inspiration for the boutique name from her children.

"The name 3 blue pineapples comes from us having 3 kids," she explained.

"Blue is my favorite color and also the color of Delft pottery which is a staple in The Netherlands, where Jeroen is from. Pineapples comes from my long time love for pineapples as I was born in Hawaii."

She started up the business last fall and planned to take this school year off so she could focus solely on 3 Blue Pineapples. However, just a few weeks after starting her new business she ended up teaching 1st grade at her kids' school.

Teachers and moms are just incredible...

"It’s been very crazy and busy, but also fun," the teacher said.

Some big news for this small business! 3 Blue Pineapples will actually be at three of the Cedar Rapids farmers markets this year.

"We’re hoping to really get our name out there and showcase some of the unique things that we create."

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