There is one thing that most country songs have in common...alcohol. Whether it be one margarita or two margaritas; country artists usually love their spirits. If you need any proof check out almost every single country song.

Thomas Rhett recently released HIS own brand of tequila called Dos Primos which means "two cousins" in Spanish. Which makes sense since he partnered with his own cousin to produce the spirit. Dos Primos is distilled completely from blue agave, and is, "clear and bright as a starlit night."

Hearing this news got me thinking...I could really go for a drink right now AND what other major country stars have their own alcohol brands?!?

Turns out...quite a few. And as a HUGE wino myself I AM NOT complaining!


1. Jake Owen, Beach Whiskey

I mean...are we surprised that the artist who sings the song "Beachin" has a line of whiskey called Beach WhiskeyOwen's spirit comes in two flavors; Island Coconut (which you see below) and Bonfire Cinnamon.

"I mean it's hard to go out there and open up a bottle of dark root whiskey or rum when it's hot outside. Beach Whiskey is made for summertime sipping'!" says Jake Owens.


2. Little Big Town, Day Drinking & Four Cellars

The wine, the beer, the whiskey are the only things that fix me.

It seems like the country group is leaning a little more towards the wine out of that alcohol trio, and I'm not complaining about that! Little Big Town has their own winery in the vineyards of Columbia Valley in Washington state called Four Cellars. If you are looking for a wine spritzer though - Little Big Town has got your back. Day Drinking comes in four different flavors including; Watermelon Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, Southern Peach, and Black Cherry.


3. John Rich, Redneck Riviera

This is probably my FAVORITE name for a whiskey brand. John Rich's Redneck Riviera is a tribute to the hard working American people, and celebrates our country. Rich really wanted his whiskey to be ALL AMERICAN, so all of the ingredients are all from within the United States of America.

4. Zac Brown, Z. Alexander Brown

Another wine! I didn't expect Zac Brown to be a wine guy. He teamed up with a winemaker to create a few different California wines, all grown across the state from Monterey to Sonoma. The country singer says that food and wine has always been an important part of his life.

“What I remember most from childhood, apart from singing the moment I could talk, was always being in my Grandma’s kitchen and watching her cook. I speak the language of food and truly love it. Bringing good food and wine together with family and friends is a natural  it’s in my blood," Brown said.

5. Kix Brooks, Arrington Vineyards

Brooks actually owns an entire vineyard, and is also living my dream! The wines produced at Arrington Vineyards have won several awards. If you are interested in visiting Brooks' vineyard in Nashville make sure to take me along with you!

6. Darius Rucker, Backstage Southern Whiskey

Country stars LOVE their whiskey, and Darius Rucker is no exception. Backstage Southern Whiskey also has brought home some hardware, and won double gold and silver awards at the 2018 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention in Las VegasIf you are a fan of Rucker, you are going to have to wait a while to try his spirits. It's only available in South Carolina, but it has a planned launch in Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky sometime soon.


7. Florida Georgia Line, Old Camp Whiskey

This sounds like a summer camp I will definitely be going to this year! Florida Georgia Line's Old Camp Whiskey puts an interesting twist on this country staple. FGL's drink is Peach Pecan, and not everyone seems to be a fan. The popular duo apparently took inspiration from their own unique sound to create this unique drink.


8. Kenny Chesney, Blue Chair Bay Rum

It ain't beer in Mexico...Kenny Chesney's Blue Chair Bay Rum is a Caribbean rum that you can get in flavors like spiced, key lime rum cream, and even in banana. Chesney is the full owner of the award winning brand, even though it's made in the Caribbean.

10. Miranda Lambert, Red 55 Winery

A wino after my own heart. In 2005, Red 55 Winery came out with Miranda Lambert's line of wines that are inspired by Lambert's music. The name actually comes as a sort of homage to Miranda's first truck which is a red 1955 stepside. I don't know cars, but I do know wine!

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