It's sad to think there was a time you were playing with your friends at the park or at the pool and then it ended up being the last time that ever happened.

Waterloo's Gates and Byrnes Parks are getting a makeover.

By next year Waterloo is looking to completely renovate both parks according to KWWL.

The Black Hawk County Gaming Association has given Waterloo a 6.5 million dollar grant to use towards its parks according to KWWL.

I grew up 3 blocks from a park and we loved going there as kids. We'd play hockey in the winter, basketball in the summer, all of the neighborhood kids would show up and we'd have a blast. At night we'd play flashlight tag or hide and seek.

Heck, we even did that as juniors and seniors in high school.

Having a good quality park for kids to go to can be a huge community booster in my opinion. Just having a place for kids to go to keep them out of trouble is a huge plus.

Emily Hanson, Executive Director told KWWL

"A lot of funding but it's really influencing two very distinct neighborhoods in Waterloo, and it'll make a difference for not only hundreds of people but thousands in the future."

The new Brynes pool will replace the standard pool with a six-lane lap pool, a lazy river, and a play pool, so it will definitely look different than what most pool-goers are used to.

WCF Courier reports new basketball courts, a roller skating rink, a splash pad, a playground, an amphitheater, and a sculpture garden could be on the way to Gates Park.

Hanson told KWWL

"We're really spending time and energy in Gates to make sure that that park was what the community wanted and would be used the most."

The pools and parks will be geared towards kids but including the basketball courts, roller rink, and amphitheater will be a great way for adults to get out and enjoy the new setup as well.

When's the last time you went rollerskating? It's been years for me and I'm not even that old.

That sounds like a fun trip down memory lane. I might not get up as quickly after I fall but it'd be worth it.

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