Back on July 1st, there were a ton of new laws that went into effect, in Iowa. Unemployment programs changed, the bottle program was changed, elder abuse laws were revisited, child care center employment changed, and certain hunting laws were adjusted, and these are only the tip of the iceberg for new legislation that began on July 1.

Unsplash - Kevin Weigand
Unsplash - Kevin Weigand

There was also new legislation made regarding your ATV and ORV and using them on city streets. Growing up in a bigger city we never saw ATVs on city streets but when you move to a smaller town it's actually pretty common to see someone using their ATV or ORV to run a quick errand. In my opinion, Waterloo would fall into that bigger city category and I have yet to see someone hauling a** down Main street on an ATV.

KCRG reports that with the new law, ATCs and ORVs can operate on most of the gravel roads you'll find in Iowa. The vehicles can also be operated on most paved undivided two-lane roads if used for limited purposes. The same goes for two-lane state highways, as long as the purpose is limited. For example, traveling to a county road.

Waterloo does not allow for ATVs on city streets however, you can use an ORV once again if it's for a limited purpose of time. I would like to believe most people using their ATV or ORV wouldn't be using them driving along downtown Waterloo but now you know. These laws can be a bit confusing with the wordage (at least for me) but if you have any questions, KCRG reports you should contact the Waterloo Police at 31-291-4340.

If you're using common sense, for the most part, you should be okay but if you're ever unsure of where you can take your ORV or ATV you'd rather be safe than sorry and just make the phone call.

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