If you have bags of the popular Yogi Tea in your cupboards or cabinets, you'll want to check some labels before enjoying your next cup.

It was announced this past Tuesday (May 14) that Iowans would need to check their apple juice in the fridge if it was purchased in recent weeks. If you haven't heard about the apple juice recall yet, go look at the apple juice in your fridge ASAP. A voluntary recall was made from Martinelli's on one of their batches of apple juice. After checking on your kid's favorite juice, go look at your Yogi Tea.

In most of Iowa's popular grocery stores, you can find Yogi Tea, whether it's Hyvee, Walmart, or Aldi. If you've recently purchased boxes of Yogi's Organic Echinacea Immune Support Tea that contain these UPC numbers, you need to discard the product or you can return it to the store for a potential refund.

According to Simply Recipes, "the recalled tea bags are sold in boxes. Each Box has four packs and each pack contains 16 tea bags, marked with the following UPC: 0 76950 45010 3. The CASE GTIN on the recalled products are 60076950450105 and 20076950450107."

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There are a LOT of recalled lot numbers as there are nearly 1 million bag are in question. 877 thousand bags, to be exact, have been recalled because pesticide residues were above action levels and the products that have been contaminated are unsafe to consume.

The recall began on March 12 with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and the investigation remains ongoing.

As mentioned before, there are a LOT of recalled lot numbers and you'll sadly have to go through these 1 by 1 if you have any box of Yogi's Immune Support tea.

Recall Lot Numbers

#0000184330, #0000184853, #0000185098, #0000185100, #0000185383, #0000185385, #0000185387, #0000185389, #0000185434, #0000185436, #0000185828, #0000185830, #0000185832, #0000186519, #0000186521, #000184062, #0000186900, #0000186902, #0000186904, #0000187357, #0000187359, #0000187400, #0000187402, #0000187769, #0000188028, #0000188030, #0000188045, #0000188114, #0000186600, #0000186910, #0000187155, #0000184691, #0000184963, #0000185381, and #0000185518.

If any of these boxes discard the item or return it to the place of purchase for a refund. If you have further questions you can contact East West Tea Company at 1-800-964-4832 or visit the customer service website.

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