I think we all could consider ourselves "foodies" in one way or another. If you ask me, I would consider myself one just because I love eating, however according to this recent survey this may not really mean you are a foodie.

According to a new poll done of 2,000 adults, the top signs that you are considered a "foodie" would involve knowing what all the herbs on, following actual cookbook recipes and watching cooking shows every week. Not much indication that just liking to eat really makes you a "foodie" which is sad in my case but maybe not for yours. If you want to know whether you have earned the label of "foodie," check out the top 20 signs below that you are a foodie.

P.S. The survey actually found 50 signs and you can find the rest of those here.

1. You genuinely enjoy cooking
2. You don't rely on recipes to make meals
3. You enjoy experimenting in the kitchen
4. You know how to remove the bones from a fish
5. You know where different cuts of meat come from
6. You go to great lengths to make meals as authentic as possible
7. You are very knowledgeable about herbs
8. You know how to make pasta from scratch
9. You  use the cookbooks you own
10. You avoid ready made-meals
11. You know precisely how long to cook a steak depending on preference
12. You know precisely what temperature certain cheeses should be served at
13. You avoid ready-made sauces
14. You have written your own recipes
15. You have more than 30 spices in your kitchen cupboard
16. Your kitchen is your favorite spot
17. You make your own marmalade, jams, and pickles
18. You go on vacations just for the food
19. You can chop food really quickly
20. You have five or more different oils in your cupboard

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