If you think you're having a bad day, get a load of this. A man shared the harrowing story of how he flew into flew into Nebraska and couldn't get out.

I didn't realize that Alliance, Nebraska possesses the least used airport in the continental US. Learn something new every day. The reason this issue applies to this guy's story is there's apparently only one airline that dares to fly into this tiny Nebraska place.

I saw this story trending on Digg among other places. Being stuck in Nebraska with no help is big news.

Note: thanks to the TSA screening, he wasn't allowed to take any weapons. To Nebraska. (*shudder*)

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Imagine that you've flown into the heart of Nebraska for some unknown reason then you realize that weather won't allow any flights out. Even Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddie Krueger would turn down that nightmare scenario.

To this guy's credit, he was a good sport about it all. He didn't spit or anything. That's better than I've behaved in my terrifying trips across Nebraska. He even met some really nice people during his encampment there. See. Miracles do happen.

Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending and he's able to escape...I mean "depart" Alliance, Nebraska. Kudos to him for having such a great attitude about the experience.

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