Seems like we should all know this already.

Of all the things we can ask Google when it comes to Thanksgiving, you wouldn't really think that "what is it" would be a main topic. But it is... in many states... including Iowa.

But is it really that surprising? I remember in elementary school, learning about the pilgrims and the Naive Americans (regardless of how accurate it was). Though at the very least it was always the holiday to take a moment to appreciate what and who you have in your life. To be truly great full is such a satisfying feeling and there's a whole holiday dedicated to that. ON TOP OF THAT... it's a whole holiday that revolves around one the best meals of the year plus 3 football games going on all day. There really isn't a better holiday (biased opinion).

In 2017, Iowans had Googled "What is Thanksgiving" more than any other Thanksgiving-esk topic. All the states that Googled "What is Thanksgiving" are:


The other most common Thanksgiving related Google searches were:

"Pumpkin Pie"
"When is Thanksgiving"
"Turkey Bowling"
"NFL on Thanksgiving Day"
"Vegetarian Thanksgiving"
"Pecan Pie"
"Does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving"
"How to cook a turkey"
"Does England celebrate Thanksgiving"
"Macy's Parade"
"Things to be thankful for"
"Turkey Trot"
"Thanksgiving games"
and... "Restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me"

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