There at many cities named after planets and Iowa has one.

An episode of Saved by the Bell has stuck with me after all these years where Screetch was doing an academic bowl and he used the acronym, "MVEMJSUNP". He was referring to the the order the planets were in. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. (This was pre-2006 when Pluto no longer became a planet.)

Many states have a city in them named after a planet except ONE! Uranus. (Probably for obvious reasons even though it's actually pronounced Yur-ah-nus.) There is a Uranus, Missouri but it's a fake town name to get tourists to stop.

But our own Iowa has a town named after a planet and that is Neptune, IA. Located just outside of Sioux City on the western side of the state.

We have the list of all cities named after planets below:

Mercury - Alabama, Nevada, and Texas
Venus - Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, and Pennsylvania
Earth - Texas
Mars - California, Pennsylvania, and Texas
Jupiter - California, Florida, and North Carolina (Tiger Woods lives in Jupiter, FL)
Saturn - Indiana and Texas
NeptuneIOWA, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wisconsin
(And "dwarf planet" or 'pluton') Pluto - Mississippi, Texas, and West Virginia


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