I love chocolate. I grew up in the snack capital of the world, so of course I have to love chocolate. Like many singles in the United States, I didn't have anyone to spend Valentine's Day with. No, I didn't cry over the fact that I was alone...no, no no. I started to piece together a plan.

It is universally recognized that the day AFTER Valentine's Day is infinitely better. Not because it's President's Day. No, it's because of the half priced candy that will be lining the shelves.

There's actually a name for this type of day; Discount Candy Day. The United States is lucky (or unhealthy) due to the fact that we get three of these days a year. This is the day after a major candy-centric holiday; so we have Christmas, Easter, and Valentine's Day.

Now I'm getting hungry.

I have been psyching myself up for this ALL WEEK, folks!

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I thought it was my civic duty...no, my responsibility to go out and find all (or just a select few) of the places I thought would have a decent amount of Valentine's Day candy left (and would be heavily discounted).

It turns out that a whole lot of people had a similar idea to me. Most of the places I went to didn't have any candy specifically for the holiday or even any heavily discounted product. You have to really dig in some of these places to come up with any that's a deal.


I had high hopes for you CVS, but you let me down! The only Valentine's Day products were balloons and a few choice plastic roses. I CAN'T EAT THAT!

CVS in Waterloo

I thought all was lost, but then I found it...the candy aisle. As I previously said there was no Valentine's Day candy, but they had a bunch of the packets of candy that they'd probably give out at a 4th grade V-Day party. Everything looked so good. The big deal was buy one get half one off. If that was going to be my only shot at discounted candy so I scrambled for two sets of chocolate.

CVS Candy 2/15/21

When I got up there it turns out that this deal was only for CVS rewards card members! So the half off candy ended up being full priced.


Chocolaterie Stan


I have been dying to check this place out. My total trip in there cost about twenty bucks. I got one of the leftover chocolate boxes that they were selling for Valentine's Day. While I didn't see any discounts, the staff was super nice and everything in there kind of looked like my Willy Wonka daydream.

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