Taylor Swift is one of the most famous music performers on the planet. During her current Eras tour, she's traveled around the globe, performing on various continents, with every stop being completely sold out. She's not the first person to, essentially shut down Ticket Master, and she likely won't be the last but I've never seen social media explode the way it did when Eras tour tickets went on sale. Fans waited "in line" on their laptops, computers, and phones hoping to have to opportunity to purchase tickets with many people not even getting the opportunity to purchase them.

Taylor has made some huge announcements in the past couple of months. She recently announced a new album at the Grammy's called The Tortured Poets Department and a few months prior she announced the release of 1989 (Taylor's Version).

1989 has sold 10 million copies worldwide and was released in 2014. "Taylor Version" of 1989 includes a re-record of the 16 original tracks as well as 5 additional songs from "The Vault." These are versions of the songs that Taylor Swift will officially own. Fans were able to re-enjoy 1989 when it was released in October.

With the excitement mounting for Taylor's new album and the fact that millions of people will be watching the Super Bowl today, just to catch a glimpse of Taylor, I was curious to know...when was the last time Taylor made a trip to Iowa?

Taylor Swift
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When Was The Last Time Taylor Held a Concert in Iowa?

I have scrolled the internet far and wide and to the best of my knowledge, the last time Taylor Swift had a planned concert stop in Iowa was back in 2015! It's been a little over 8 years since Taylor Swift's performance in Des Moines, at the Wells Fargo arena, on October 8th, according to the Des Moines Register.

Taylor was clearly a megastar back in 2015 and at that time, it was her 5th time performing at the Wells Fargo Arena. Taylor took her original 1989 album on tour that year and this album was a pretty big change for Taylor, as this was the first time she released a full-blown pop album. Taylor did release Red in 2012, which technically was a pop album even though some fans would consider this was Taylor "dipping her toe" into the pop music genre.

Will Taylor Swift Ever Come Back To Iowa?

Do you think Taylor will ever make a trip back to the state of Iowa? Unless she's doing some kind of smaller tour stops or performing at Kinnick Stadium, Taylor Swift fans in Iowa will most likely have to continue to travel to other states to see her in concert. Minneapolis built a new NFL stadium in 2016, that is continuously voted in the top 5 best stadiums in the NFL. Taylor made a stop at US Bank Stadium this past June.  Kansas City is home to the Chiefs, another NFL stadium that Taylor Swift has made a stop at this year.

Taylor Swift's Eras tour also made a stop in Chicago at Solider Field, home of the Bears, and in 2024 she will be stopping at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

I'm guessing one of the only stadiums big enough to host the amount of fans that a Taylor Swift concert demands would be Kinnick Stadium, which can seat just under 70,000. Will Taylor Swift ever add a stop in the Hawkeye state on one of her world tours? Only time will tell.

Sadly, Iowans who've wanted to see a Taylor Swift concert have had to take a road trip for the past 8 years and they will likely have to continue doing so.

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