Well, 2019 has been the year for extreme weather so far. Between the seemingly endless snow, which finally ended, but has now led to disastrous flooding all across the U.S. However, Nebraska got hit the worst this year.

Nebraska has officially released a statement that it has the worst flooding in the state's history. The flooding has caused issues for everyone, between home owners whose basements have flooded to stores merchandise being destroyed to even schools being flooded and having to close for a few days. However, one the biggest hits comes to the farm families and their livestock. With the flooding, some farm families are not able to feed their livestock as food sources have been washed away. They need some help.

Well, a local Waucoma farm, Achen Farms, has teamed up with the Turkey Valley FFA and FFA Alumni to do something about this problem. They are conducting a hay drive to help the farm families who have been affected by the flood in Nebraska to feed their hungry livestock and you can help!

Anyone can make monetary donations to purchase hay or you can also donate bales of hay. If you would like to donate hay bales you can drop them off to Achen Farms on April 10-11. If anyone wants to make a monetary donation, they can email FFA adviser Steve Pfaffle at spfaffle@turkey-v.k12.ia.us or call 641-229-7193.


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