This was a "thank you" and a way to bring awareness to a serious issue among veterans all wrapped up in one.

34-year-old Jonathan Full was recently at a Chick-Fil-A in Durham, North Carolina with his wife and kids and older brother and his kids when he saw two servicemen get in line to order. He decided he was going to pay for their meals and got up to join them in line to tell them "thank you" and pay for their meals. Then 9 other servicemen joined but that didn't deter Jonathan as he said he would pay for all of their meals.

At first the servicemen denied that offer, finding it generous but not wanting him to have to pay for all of them. However, once they heard his story about why he wanted to buy their meals and their request for them, they couldn't say no.

You see, Jonathan wasn't just wanting to buy their meals to show his gratitude but also had a special request for them to reach out to their fellow servicemen and help anyone struggling with PTSD. Jonathan's stepbrother was a marine who served in Afghanistan and one week prior had taken his own life while dealing with PTSD. Jonathan tells Yahoo Lifestyle that this was a way for him to show his gratitude and deal with the grief of losing his stepbrother.

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