Cops to the rescue!

It all started with a ride to school. Austin Lynema, a cop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently met a 9-year-old kid named Thomas Daniel, when he missed the bus to school. Lynema saw the kid running after the school bus crying because he had never missed a day of school before. Lynema decided to give the kid a ride to school and he found it was his birthday.

During the ride to school, Lynema and Daniel got talking and Daniel informed the officer that he was worried no one would show up to his party because he got bullied a lot in school. Unfortunately, Daniel was right and none of his friends showed up from school...BUT Officer Lynema did show up and brought some cop friends with him!

The surprises don't stop there though...

Officer Lynema and the other cops decided to throw Daniel a SECOND birthday party the next day to make up for his first one! He got toys, shirts and hats with the department logo, Krispy Kreme donuts with "Happy Birthday" spelled out and even a quartet to sing to Daniel!

Daniel said he would never forget the party and called Officer Lynema "the coolest guy [he's] ever met."

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