Imagine having a bunch of medical debt and thinking there is no way out of it... then one day you receive a letter saying you don't have to worry about paying it anymore. Unbelievable, right? Well, I am sure that is how some of these families felt when they received  that letter.

In Wichita, Kansas there is Pathway Church. Every year, the church spends a good amount of money promoting their Easter service... however, they decided to spend the money in a different way. The church took all of those funds, along with some set aside throughout the year, and decided to pay off 1,600 random families medical debt!

The church bought up to $2.2 Million worth of debt for pennies on the dollar, spending around $10,000. Then they sent letters out to all the families to let them know that they did not have to worry about paying off their debt as it has already been done. Talk about an Easter miracle.

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