NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN!!! That's right! Batman is here to help and not just from the joker but for shelter animals as well! Or at least a guy dressed as Batman is.

27-year-old Chris Van Dorn is a huge Batman fan and also a animal rescue enthusiast. So when Dorn started volunteering at rescue shelters in Orlando, Florida he decided to combine his two passions to do some good.

At the beginning, Dorn used the Batman costume to keep his identity anonymous when he would bring shelter animals to their new loving homes. The costume would also help to bring awareness to why people should adopt shelter animals. Dorn took it one step further in 2018.

In 2018, Dorn launched his non-profit called Batman4Paws where he he goes on dozens of hours of long cross-country trips to rescue dogs from euthanasia and then takes them to families who will adopt them. Dorn was the gofundme Hero for May and the article helped to finance Dorn's rescue missions helping his crowdfunding page to raise $32,000  over the last 10 months.

Dorn now hopes that he will be able to find a compassionate citizen to donate a bigger van and he wants to use his pilot’s license as a means of using air travel as a more efficient means of transporting his dogs in distress.

For more information about this unsung hero, check out his nonprofit Batman4Paws.

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