Owning a pet can be extremely expensive and before bringing an animal into your home, you should prepare for and expect additional costs.

The sad news is that even the best planners or the most stable homes can run into sad situations where they simply can't afford the care their pet needs. This doesn't make these owners bad people, it just creates extremely sad situations. Some owners face challenges that they financially can't overcome and are often left with no choice but to surrender their dog.

The good news is that there are people like Mary, who is the founder of Albert's Dog Lounge.

Clyde's Closet

Clyde is a 9-year-old dog from Whitewater, Wisconsin, who had a family that cared for him very much. Last summer, he suffered from multiple infections that caused him to lose his fur and left him in desperate need of medication.

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Clyde's family had to make the sad choice of surrendering him to Albert's Dog Lounge in hopes of helping save his life. Albert's Closet is a "foster-based rescue that helps provide loving homes for seniors, special needs, and hospice dogs. They help dogs in need from overcrowded shelters and local families who can no longer care for their pets."

Mary spoke with WIFR about the lack of resources some families face with their pets.

"Clyde had a family that loved and actually cared for him very much. The issue was they had little resources within the community so they knew that they needed help with the medications and all the things that he needed to be healthy. And so, they chose to surrender him."

Mary ended up adopting Clyde and he inspired her to create Clyde's Close, which she opened in May. She uses her resources from Albert's Dog Lounge to help pet owners in need. Clyde's Closet is filled with excess donations or extra supplies, and pet owners are allowed to use these items with no questions asked.

Mary's goal in creating the pet pantry is to help keep pets and their families together.

"We were inspired by Clyde to do something more for our community. And really by the influx of support that we receive as a rescue. So, we are very graciously blessed with so many donations. And we like to share those donations and pay it forward within the community."

Clyde's Closet is located at Albert's Dog Lounge, in Whitewater. They are always accepting donations in hopes of maintaining supplies.

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