Entrepreneurs come in all ages now-a-days. Although, it is impressive when a young kid starts a successful business, what is even more impressive is when they do it to help others.

13-year-old Michael Platt lives in Bowie, Maryland and has always loved to bake. Michael also understands the idea of giving back to his community and those less fortunate. So, at 11-years-old he decided to combine these two ideas and opened his own baking business called Michaels Desserts. Not only does Michael bake desserts but he also gives them to an underprivileged person.

Michaels Desserts works as a one for one business model where for every pastry a customer buys he matches it one for one and gives them away to underprivileged people. A couple times a month, Michael travels to Washington D.C. to hand out baked treats to kids, adults, and families in domestic violence and homeless shelters. He also works with the nonprofit No Kid Hungry to give away his pastries as well.


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