2020 was a garbage fire of a year for most of us, right? With this pandemic and the election our world was pretty much turned upside down. However, I like to consider myself an optimist. While it's tough to find anything good in everything that has gone on the past ten months; there has been one interesting side effect of quarantine...a baby boom. 

With new babies comes new baby names. I have to be honest, though. With all of the craziness of 2020 I was expecting some wilder names. However, in the state of Iowa the top ten baby names seem pretty tame.


1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Harper

4. Evelyn

5. Sophia


1. Liam

2. William

3. Oliver

4. Henry

5. Owen

Iowa seems to match up with the national average when it comes to a few of the top names, but there is a slight difference in popularity around the country, according to the BabyCenter.


1. Sophia

2. Olivia

3. Riley

4. Emma

5. Ava


1. Liam

2. Noah

3. Jackson

4. Aiden

5. Elijah

There are a few unique names on this list that I had no clue were so popular. Some of the ones in Iowa I honestly have never heard or have seen written that way. These include, for boys: Camden, Jaxon, Ryker, Brantley, and Braydon.

Some unique girls' names on the list are: Brynlee, Emery, Hadley, Paisley, and Adalyn.

Will you be using any of these names in the future?

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