A new survey from Bustle asked 2,000 people what their 'perfect day' would look like. Here are the top ten parts of a perfect day, according to the results:

  • Wake up after a good night's sleep.  That was the top thing people voted for.  The average person said they'd want to wake up at 8:00 A.M. after sleeping for nine hours.
  • Plenty of laughter throughout the day.
  • Not have to go to work. (Hope you saved up to enjoy the day!)
  • Sit down for at least one really good meal.
  • Be somewhere you can feel the sun on your face.
  • Have good music to listen to.
  • Have fresh sheets to get into at night.
  • Spend some of the day outdoors. (must not be winter wherever this is happening)
  • Find money. Like on the ground, or in an old coat pocket
  • Have a clean house without DOING the cleaning, I assume...

22% of people also said they'd love to just hang out in their pajamas all day. Um, YEAH!!

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