Let's be honest, lately there has not been much to smile about. I mean with the pandemic, schools starting back up, safety precautions, economic worry, political campaigns... none of this is really something to smile or be happy about. Maybe you are like me and have been feeling more tired and sad lately and want to get back to being happy. Well you can be happy- just by smiling or even faking a smile.

A new study has found that if you don't feel happy but fake a smile, it can cause a positive impact. Smiling or faking a smile actually triggers different facial muscles which can trick your brain into feeling more positive and in turn more happy. It's like the idea of "fake it til you make it." By faking a smile you are actually causing your brain to release certain neurotransmitters to cause a positive emotional state- ie. happy.

Although there isn't much to smile about these days, it's important to find things to smile and be happy about to stop the feelings of anxiety and depression, so remember to smile or at least fake it til you make it.

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