This stuff bothers us the most.

I think the most used word in my vocabulary is, "ugh". It just happens when you see all those things that bother you. But you may not be alone when it comes to what bothers you. A new Harris Poll surveyed 2,234 adults and determined what bothers us the most in different situations.

When it comes to:

Air travel - We are most annoyed by people who misuse the overhead compartment.

Driving - It's close between tailgaters and people drive too slowly in the left lane.

Cell phones - Checking phones in public places was number 1 followed by people checking their phone during face-to-face interactions.

E-mail - Writing emails in all capital letters.

Social Media - Excessive complainers.

Grammar - Misuse of common words. (This is me for sure. When someone spells "a lot" as one word... infuriating.)

Weather - More people complain about the heat than the cold but cold was a close second.

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