Ice cream is my life... especially if it is cookie dough (yes, I am basic). If you are like me and cherish all the chunks of cookie dough in ice cream, you know you search for the ice cream brands that have the MOST cookie dough in them... you don't want to miss out on a single piece! Well, Buzzfeed may have just made our search a little easier.

Buzzfeed recently did a study... okay, it wasn't very scientific... on four major brands of ice creams to find out which brands include the most cookie dough in their pints. The brands were Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Three Twins & So Delicious.

And the winner is.... of course, Ben & Jerry's! Ben & Jerry's pint of cookie dough had almost three and a half ounces of cookie dough in it! Coming in second place was Haagen-Dazs with two ounces of cookie dough. Three Twins and So Delicious tied for last because they both only had one and a quarter ounces of cookie dough so really they are a disgrace to the cookie dough world.

There you have it... glad we finally got the answer to one of the more serious questions in the world today.

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