My wife has an expression: Only boring people get bored. Well, there's a lotta boring people out there according to this study from the New York Post. It would appear we all need some hobbies ASAP.  Who wants to start stamp collecting with me?  Don't all say yes at once now. According to a new study, we spend 131 total days every year feeling bored. For real? That's more than one-third of every year we're wasting on boredom.

Here's how the math works. The average person said they spend around 60-and-a-half hours a week doing stuff that's boring. That can include time at work, time at home, or time just sitting around staring at your phone. Yeah, smart phones don't cure boredom.

Now let's add all this up, it comes out to 131 total days of boredom. The study also found that three-quarters of adults say they miss parts of their childhood, especially getting to spend lots of time with friends, having fewer responsibilities, and going to birthday parties.

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