I've wondered for a long time, what exactly is the difference between partly sunny and partly cloudy? Is it just a glass half full/half empty kinda thing? Like, when Rebecca Kopelman is feeling surly about someone getting the boot on The Bachelor, does she insert partly cloudy into her forecast the next day? I had to know because recently, I got into a, we'll just say, disagreement with a co-worker over the exact difference.

To get a concrete answer, I went to the always trusty Mrs. Kopelman from Iowa's News Now. I knew she'd know, and she certainly did. Her answer was this:

Soooo party cloudy would be part clouds, part sun (kind of a mix but you're going to see more sunshine). Partly sunny is more clouds than sun, but not totally clouded over.

Ahh, makes sense now doesn't it? I mean, why not say cloudy when you mean more sun and sunny when you mean more clouds? I... I do get it. More or less. Perhaps a better term for the more clouds but still sun would be, 'I'd still wear sunglasses'. Or, 'Eh, Mother Nature is still figuring it out'. Okay, those are kind of wordy.

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Oh, if you're wondering who won the argument, me or my co-worker, well let's just say... nothing because it wasn't me, so nothing to see here. When I reached out to Rebecca I also asked her why at night we don't use terms like 'partly mooney'. Suffice to say, if you check out Iowa's News Now in the morning, you be hearing it before long. My thanks to Rebecca Kopelman for helping out.

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