We all have fashion choices that we look back on and probably regret. I mean, crimping my hair at 13 just looked like I had tin foil all over my head! There are even some decades that we may look back on and think how did they survive and entire decade with those choices...*cough* *80's* *cough*.....

What are the most regrettable fashion choices that Americans agree on should really not make a comeback? Well, a recent survey was done to find this out and here are the top 10 answers.

1.  Shoulder pads- who wanted broader shoulders?

2.  Dying your hair- I disagree with this one.

3.  A perm- unless you want to look like a poodle.

4.  Baggy clothing

5.  Too much hair gel

6.  Colorful eye shadow- Only for Halloween is this acceptable!

7.  Skinny jeans that were too tight- Unless they are cutting off your circulation, I don't see what are wrong with these.

8.  Bangs- Wait, what?

9.  Tie-dye

10.  T-shirts with cartoon graphics on them


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