Is this good news, or reeeally bad news? It appears the mullet is BACK.

Gwen Stefani is encouraging Blake Shelton to grow his once again and singers like Miley Cyrus and Kesha sporting 'em now as well.

This 'business in the front, party in the back' do was made into a joke when David Spade’s Joe Dirt character had one, but stylists say the mullet has again gained favor. New York City hairstylist Vincent Minchelli says a few years ago, he only did the cuts here and there, but now, he’s doing five to eight mullets a week, a majority of them being done for his female customers.

Hair pros say the cut is actually very versatile and simple to style, which makes it a good option for folks who are tired of using a flatiron or curling iron. While it may be tuff to give-up the mullet’s embarrassing past, Vincent says, 'You can make a modern version that’s pretty, sexy, and elegant.' Good luck with that...

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