It's nice to know you're appreciated. One Iowa man took that to the next level when he decided to let nurses who cared for him know that he was grateful. He released doves in their honor.

I saw this sweet story trending on Yahoo News. It's a story shared by KMTV News. The grateful man is Russ Guthridge. He was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer and wanted the caregivers who helped him know they made the difficult treatment bearable.

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According to their report, Russ raises doves and thought this would be a unique way to let the medical staff know they had made a positive impact in his life. One of the nurses, Hayley Brewer, called Russ's gesture "exceptional" and said that "something like this is way above and beyond".

What Russ did is extremely touching considering how difficult the pandemic has been on medical workers. Nursing Standard shared a story about all of the mental health issues that nurses in particular have been dealing with working long hours and dealing with a large number of COVID patients along with the typical needs they see every day.

It's awesome to see someone take the time to let these professionals know that their good deeds have not gone unnoticed.

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