It's been almost a year since the derecho devastated Iowa. Much of the state saw some sort of damage from the storm that rolled through the Midwest. As someone who is new to the area, I had no clue what a derecho was or that one made its way through this part of the country.

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After doing some digging about the storm, I saw the devastating effects this storm had on various parts of the state. Areas like Cedar Rapids and other parts of northeastern Iowa got the brunt of it. One family from Iowa shared their first-hand experience with the storm, and it went viral. In August of 2020 this mother, Brooke Porter, took her kids with her on a few errands in Grimes, Iowa. Porter was on her way to pick something up from Facebook marketplace when the storm hit.

The mother of several young children did not know that this powerful weather pattern was on its way to the area. The family's dashcam captured the entire ordeal.
Douglas Porter

In the video, you can see Porter trying to navigate the storm and get the family to safety. One of the oldest children remains calm in the front seat, where he gives his thoughts on what they should do. During this three-minute video, he's acting as her co-pilot. Halfway through the video, one of the children in the backseat begins to cry hysterically.

Luckily they were able to get to safety in a local store. They only suffered a few scratches and a lost stuffed animal.

You can watch the full video down below.

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