One social media star went viral this year for traveling all across the country for one go on a whole slew of dates.

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This Montana Tik Tok star blew up on the app for his series "50 Dates In 50 States" in 2021.

Matthew Wurnig's goal was to date a girl from every single state. And he did it! No, he didn't want to go out on 50 dinner dates, he wanted to actually experience something new with each girl in every state.

What a pickup line, am I right?

Wurnig lets the girl plan out what they're going to do on the date (which is a very smart idea) and then he goes out and has fun with them. The fun he had in the Hawkeye State was unmatched in my honest opinion.

@50dates50statesRiding a Mailbox on my date??? 😅 #Iowa♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

On his Iowa date, he ended up going out with a girl named Jescie from Muscatine in a rural part of the state. She and a few of her friends made him ride a mailbox... Ride a mailbox?

@50dates50states Just Iowa things @jesciebrauns #50Dates50States ♬ Hi watermelon sugar - Alisa 👼🏻

Now, in the second season of this series, Wurnig will do it all over again. He is now accepting applications to be on the show and to go out on a date with him.

"What’s going to be different about Season 2 from Season 1 you may ask? The answer… EVERYTHING! Season 2 will have new dates, new destinations, new adventures, a new route, new sponsors, new promotions, you name it!" the Tik Tok Bachelor said on his website. 

The dating application is open right now until January 13th, so if you would like to apply or even nominate someone else you know, you can do that here.

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