Is business really THAT good for Taco Bell that they can drop 100-grand on a manager position? Mm, not exactly, that would be a lotta Chalupas! But quality manager new hires ARE that hard to find with unemployment so low, and top manager positions being sought more aggressively.

According to Bloomberg, some Taco Bell's in the Midwest (including Iowa) and Northeast will begin hiring certain management positions with a $100,000 starting salary. According to Bloomberg, they will also try a new role for employees who want leadership experience but don’t want to be in the management position. That means current salaries for general managers (at company-owned Taco Bell stores, not franchises) are between $50,000 and $80,000, according to the company.

Unemployment is low right now nationwide, and Iowa continues to be one of the lowest unemployment states in the Unites States, boasting a strong workforce.

Would you take a quick service gig for $100,000? Or even $50-80K? Throw in good vacation and benefits and it would be a hard job to turn own.


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