Walker Hayes is back with his first new song of 2021. It's called "I Hope You Miss Me," and the summery anthem is sure to put a smile on your face with its poppy atmosphere and nostalgic narrative.

The tune was co-written by Hayes with Shane McAnally, Sam Summer, Nick Ruth and Sean Smalls; it was produced by McAnally, Hayes and Nash Overstreet. But despite the robust list of collaborators, "I Hope You Miss Me" is quite intimate for the singer.

"I'm always reminded when I release songs how personal I'm allowed to be," Hayes explains of the song's meaning. "To me, the sounds of this song and the lyrics emotionally embody something my daughter, Loxley, told me one time when she was 4 years old — 'Daddy, you can hold me, but you can't hold me forever.' That's what I hope 'I Hope You Miss Me' feels like [for listeners]."

There's no doubt Hayes succeeds in that aim with evocative lines such as "I hope you're living out by the ocean / That's always where you said you were going" and "Hope you find yourself but selfishly / I hope you miss me." (Read the complete "I Hope You Miss Me" lyrics down below).

Longtime Walker Hayes fans are sure to have a good time with this one. And it gives new listeners something to look forward to: The musician hasn't released an album since 2017's Boom (notwithstanding 2019's 8Tracks Vol. 3: Black Sheep EP). So maybe a new studio effort is on the way.

Listen to Walker Hayes' "I Hope You Miss Me":

Walker Hayes' "I Hope You Miss Me" Lyrics:

Hope you made it out West safe and sound / Hope your Honda didn't break down / And you took time to walk around Joshua Tree / Small towns and stupid you know / I've always known you would go / People like you don't get old with me people like me

I hope you’re living out by the ocean / That's always where you said you were going / LA baby on Sunset Drive / City of angels you should fit right in / You want the part baby, go get it / Can't wait to see your name in those credits / Hope you find yourself but selfishly / I hope you miss me

Yeah hope you don't get homesick one time / And it’s all callbacks and sunshine / And you find someone to run lines with while you learn 'em / Hope you run into your girl crush J.Lo / While you're shopping on Rodeo / And she cool as you always hoped she'd be in person

Repeat Chorus

And when you finally get that star / On Hollywood Boulevard / Just remember I called it on the hood of your car

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