When will you do the bulk of your Christmas shopping? Or have you already done it? Hm. If so, I am impressed. Big time. A recent survey from YouGov found the most popular answer is late November or early December. 34% of people said that's when they do most of their Christmas shopping.

  • 19% said they do their shopping two or three weeks before Christmas, which is right about now. We're just over two weeks away. Another 19% said they shop throughout the year until mid-November
  • 8% said they do the bulk of their shopping the week before Christmas and 4% did it during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • 1% of us wait until the very last minute, and do all our shopping on Christmas Eve.  And another 1% are all about bargains and wait until AFTER Christmas to buy all their presents.

The poll also found the most purchased Christmas gifts last year were clothes, food, health and beauty products, toys & games and books.

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