Did you plan on getting a pint of ice cream today? You might need one.

There are a lot of reactions you can have to breaking up with someone, getting broken up with, or watching your bestie end it with their significant other (celebration, for sure). Sometimes you know it's coming, sometimes you don't, and it's not always on amicable terms. But it apparently almost always on this day in December.

Single All The Way


Even dating all the way back to Facebook era 2008 (when you were posting ~*sOnG LyRiCs~* and digital camera pics), stats showed that December 11th is one of the most popular days to breakup.

Experts say this could be due to several things:

  • Stress over meeting the other person's family. That makes sense. It's also engagement season so the pressure to pop the question or stay long-term is very real too.
  • Buying a gift. Stats show about 40% of people end a relationship because they don't want to get their partner a gift.

Other experts suggest that December 11th specifically is a popular breakup day because if you want to breakup with someone, you shouldn't wait until later in the month to do it. Then it's too close to the holidays and you're a jerk.

Another reason people rethink relationships right now is that New Year's is less than a month out. Some people are already thinking the "new year, new me" thing and if that picture doesn't include their current S.O, they'll cut them now.

If you're legit concerned about money around the holidays or stress on your relationship, experts (and common sense) say that you should just have an open conversation with your partner about it.

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