It turns out we're all really bad at buying presents... for ourselves. Hehe. I mean, I'm ok with this...

As you've probably seen, these days most people buy THEMSELVES a bunch of stuff during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. But I guess we don't know exactly what we want.

So according to UPS, they're seeing a new trend of a ton of returns now. They used to see the big wave of returns, you know, after Christmas  not anymore. They say they've been getting around a million returns a day this month peaking yesterday with 1.5 million of 'em.

And a UPS spokeswoman says it really IS people returning stuff they bought for themselves, quote, 'Not all of these are actually Christmas presents. They may be presents to ourselves first.' I for one, when I shop for myself I always get a gift receipt so the clerk doesn't think it's for me.

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