For any Iowa Vikings fans, there's some exciting news fans can look forward to in the 2024-2025 Vikes season.

No, it's not the rookie QB, JJ McCarthy winning the starting job out of training camp. No, it's not the 4-year record-setting contract extension with the Vikings and star wide receiver Justin Jefferson, and no, it's not former Hawkeye, TJ Hockenson coming back from an ACL injury in time for the season opener. He'll likely miss the first month of the season.

The Vikings have made the most drastic change to their uniforms in franchise history! If you're a jersey collector, you might have to add the new "Winter Warrior" jersey to your collection. These are incredible. The only sad part about these uniforms is they plan to only wear these once during the upcoming season.

Winter Warrior Jersey

The Vikings have always stayed pretty close to their standard purple jerseys and white pants throughout the years. They've changed up the stripes and made slight adjustments to their uniforms over time but the Winter Warrior jerseys are a full-blown overall.

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This will be the first time in FRANCHISE HISTORY that they've worn a uniform that did not come with a purple helmet. The Vikings have done "white out" themes in years past but this is the first time the jerseys and helmets will also be completely white with the only purple being on the numbers.

Jackie Ramacher is the Viking's art manager and she released a statement to the NFL saying

"[Vikings fans] are battle-tested, resilient and tough. We are not only bonded by our harsh, cold winters, but we embrace them, so it's fitting that the Vikings wear the coldest uniforms in the NFL."

Every team in the NFL is allowed two alternate uniforms and teams are allowed to wear them only twice each season. The Vikings will wear the Winter Warrior jerseys only once this year and that will be on December 16th at U.S Bank Stadium, when the Vikes take on the Chicago Bears, on Monday Night Football.

Vikings fans know that this might be a strange year for the team. Fans will have to be patient and wait for JJ McCarthy to be ready to take the field. He might not even play 1 snap this season. If this is a down year for the Vikes and their fans, we really need to be patient and wait for the upcoming talent to be ready to play.

This team's defense could be very, very, good in two years, and you never know what can happen with a young QB. If JJ McCarthy ends up being talented, this team has a chance to compete for the division title next year. This year, it's a coin-flip on if the team will be any good.

If it is a down year for the Vikies, at least we'll have one night of incredible uniforms to look forward to in 2024-2025.

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