A Quad City-area Cubs fan added a special touch to his annual Christmas light show.

Billy Quesse of Spring Valley, IL, built the impressive display to celebrate his favorite team's historic World Series win - and spread a little holiday cheer to his fellow fans.

"I had to do it to 'Go Cubs Go' - there could be no other choice this year," he told WQAD-TV.

Quesse said the impressive show is made up of only 2100 bulbs, since the special LEDs can be any color on demand. He said he hand-soldered each light before hanging it up on his house over the past few weeks.

"Once they're all hooked up, I use a computer to animate them and send the commands directly to the lights," Quesse said.

He said this is the third year of intricate light shows on his home in Spring Valley, and invites visitors to tune to a custom radio station so they can get the full effect. Click HERE for more information.

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