If you had a tough time getting Taylor Swift tickets, you're not on your own, kid! The internet turned into a strange 2022 version of the Hunger Games over these shows...and they haven't even gone on sale to the general public yet!

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Fans have been preparing for several weeks for November 15th. When the music superstar announced her latest tour entitled 'The Eras Tour' on November 1st; fans scrambled to figure out how to get themselves to these shows.

Many of them raced to Ticketmaster to register for Verified Fan Presale. Those interested could list the shows that they'd be interested in going with the hopes of getting approved. The day BEFORE this presale would go live, fans who registered would receive a confirmation email and text securing them a spot in the sale.

Some people, like myself, received this notification instead...


Due to "unprecedented demand" Swift added 17 dates to the tour schedule, making this her biggest stadium tour ever with 52 shows. So, everyone knew going into this that it would be difficult.

Fans experienced 45 minutes to 1 hour wait times just to register for the fan lottery.

Fans say that Ticketmaster made it a greater challenge...

For the Swifties who listened to 'Midnights' it turned out to be "The Great War."

Those that received the link had to prepare to go online at 10am local time (for each show). Some fans were able to get in and through Ticketmaster without a scratch, but a large percentage of people were left frustrated by the distribution company.

People were reporting on social media, hours long (that's right, in some cases SEVERAL HOURS) waits in the queues just to get into the event page. All of this started at 10am Eastern Standard Time.

Once the Midwestern venue options were made available, the site began to crash.

Ticketmaster officials released a statement on social media saying,

"There has been historically unprecedented demand with millions showing up to buy tickets for the TaylorSwiftTix Presale."

Due to the technical issues that the site was dealing with, the presale for West Coast shows had to be pushed back to 2pm local time. In addition, to pushing back other presales to the next day.

Once fans could get through to actually picking out and purchasing tickets, Ticketmaster's dynamic pricing bumped up the cost. Some people who did get these tickets for a reasonable price ended up immediately going to third party ticket sellers.

Some seats went for more than 100 times their original asking price!


We will continue to keep you updated on this story.

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