Parents, you are the key to keeping your kids safe when crossing the street! Although I am sure you all already knew that. But according to a new study from the University of Iowa there are different ways that work better on teaching your kid how to cross the street safely.

According to KWWL, the University of Iowa recently came out with a new study proving parents play a key role in helping their kids learn how to cross busy streets. Parents who simply told the kids "Let's Go" while crossing or said nothing and started walking have kids who don't know how to identify safety gaps in busy streets as quickly.

However those parents who gave constructive advice pointing out the safety gaps and teaching them how to cross the street safely had kids who learned this skill quicker and with more efficiency. This allowed them to be safer when crossing the street.

So, if you are trying to teach your child safety when crossing the road I suggest explaining the who experience to them and pointing out when and why it is safe. I mean that's the only way we all learn something new right? With great teachers like our parents.

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